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What's New!

  • Shark Bridge App upgrade ( fall 2021 )

    We have been working for a while on a number of new features and updates to our Shark Bridge App's Classroom platform. Those changes were aimed at improving the students' experience. 
  • How to share hands with Shark Bridge App users

    We are introducing an easy and quick way to share hands with your students. The requirements are that the student has the latest Shark Bridge App and a VIP subscription. You need an email list of your students because the emails that are registered for a Shark VIP account receive the hands; those that are not are discarded; we do not harvest them!
  • June 21st updates: Kick off Summer 2021 with some major improvements to the Teacher's Console.

    • Bidding robots now take hints from your Deal Library, so make sure you have saved an auction on your deals. 
    • Boards' Stats for a quick overview of what is going on in the classroom: how many tables had scored a board and how students are doing on each board. 
  • Cost comparison between Shark Bridge and BBO

    There are still some misconceptions and confusion about why teaching with Shark Bridge is cheaper and superior to BBO, and is worth every dollar/eu...
  • Teacher's Console Update Jan 30th 2011

    What's new in Console update

    • Support for large sessions of 200+ tables
    • New condensed table list
    • New partnership seating mechanics
    • Private messaging to students
    • Removed limitations for co-host
    • Fool-proofing table-closing function
    • PBN and LIN import improvements, add line break in comments in Shark
  • Teacher's Console Update Jan 19th 2021

    • Seating and partnering mechanics
    • More Right-Click actions for student and chat list
    • Stop at Auction with NS/EW hands visibility setting
    • Major JitSi video improvement
    • Separate chat list for Questions from students 
  • About Us

    In April of the difficult 2020, we were approached by a group of teachers with a request to help them teach bridge online; in a short three-month time period, we came up with a concept and product to brighten the lives of instructors and students alike. The Shark Bridge Teacher's Console changed the way the game is learned and practiced.
  • ACBL’s Online Teacher Certification Workshops

    Learn new ways to create engaging, effective online lessons.  Exchange ideas with other progressive online teachers. 

    Visit https://www.acbl.org/teach/become-a-teacher/#online for registration information.