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Teacher's Console Update Jan 19th 2022

What's new in Console update 1.64.7.x

  • Two new login screens for your classroom
  • Load Web page/resource on top of the Shark table


New login screens


 Notice the new Login Screen drop down. The default selection is Classic Nickname


 Classic login screen

This is the screen your students are familiar with. 



 First Name Last Initial/s login screen

This login screen is best for classrooms/games that require login with First name and 1-2 initials. The result is a nickname like 'Milen S' .


In Person Bridge login screen

This login screen is best for in person settings. Participants should know the table and the seat. Make sure to add the correct number of tables from the get go,  at least as many tables as in the actual room. Shark will seat each student accordingly. 

Loading web page on top of the Shark table. 

Notice the new 'Misc' tab on the bottom of your Control Panel. We are going to use it to add extra actions for your classroom. 

The first such action is loading a web page/site on top of the Shark table. The students can interact with the said resource , and then you can close it for them. This is useful for loading a white board, some fancy poling sites.

You copy and paste the URL ( address ) of the web resource and press Open. You can experiment with a fake student and say your website address. 


Major application of this functionality is having your Power Point presentation in Shark and bringing it up at anytime you need it. This is done with Power Point Live from your Chrome or Edge web browser. 

Example white board: https://r9.whiteboardfox.com

Example White board with transparent background that you can use to draw on top of a Shark's table of a fake student, try it : https://witeboard.com

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