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Right-click action is important in Shark Bridge

Right-click is a common action you can take on some interface elements like buttons, cards, trays, etc. Below is a list of such elements in Shark and what they do.

  • Update tables' setting after they are created: Right click on Add Table button to get the update settings screen. It let's you adjust various parameters on the fly. 
  • Student's name on the list of students: right-click allows you to unseat the student (send him to the lobby) or kick a student from the classroom.
  • A card in a hand: right-click on a card in a hand and then right-click on a different card in a different hand. The cards will be swapped
  • Hand tray on the master table: right-click on one tray and the right-click another tray, the cards on those two will be shuffled.
  • Kibitz button on student's table: select a student from the list of students and right-click on a kibitz button and choose what kind of kibitzer you want. Designated kibitzer will stay kibitzer if you reseat students.
  • Run Robots (Robots On) button: right-click on it to adjust speed and force robots to pass. 
  • Deal Group in the Deal Library: right-click lets you Delete, Rename, Export or Email the group. 
  • Deal in the Deal Library: right-click a deal to export or delete it,
  • (We will be adding more to come in the future.)


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