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How to load deals

Start by pressing 'Load Deals' from the Control Panel. You get Shark's Deal Library window.

Select a group of deals or import a new one. 


From the deal-list select the hand you want to load for your students, and choose “Play pre-set Auction,” “Play pre-set Tricks,”' or “Play.”

Play pre-set Auction: Will load the deal and roll the auction

Play pre-set Tricks: Will load the deal and roll the auction with any pre-set tricks. A common use is to preset the auction and the lead.

Play: Will load the deal from scratch, including the hands, the dealer, and the vulnerability.

Edit: While your students are playing a hand, you can make adjustments to any hand in your library. Don't try it right away. 

Enter Hand: You can quickly create a partial or full hand. You will find out more on the subject in our “How to Deal Library.” 

Import PBN/LIN: Just import a file into your library. It will create a group for itself, if the file has a single hand, the hand will show in the Downloads group. 

Email: You can email a hand to a single email address. That address could be the address of a group of students; all major email providers provide a way to create groups of emails. In the near future, we will provide a way to email to multiple addresses and send multiple deals in one PBN. 

Upload Deal Set and its 2 extra variants: Those actions let you upload all the deals from a group, then use “Next Deal” from the Control Panel in order to load each deal in the set. We strongly suggest avoiding this method, as it's a bit like flying blind. The Play functionality is two quick extra clicks, but you have full control. This method will be useful when we allow individual tables to play the next hand as soon as a hand is completed.