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Your web browser compatibility test

You do not need any special programs to join classrooms and tournaments on Shark Bridge, just a web browser. The preferred choice is Google Chrome as this is the most advanced browser by a mile, but the Shark web client will work with most modern web browsers. The limitations are:

  • Older versions of Windows Edge, it can be easily updated from Microsoft website---here is a link https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/edge
  • Safari on Mac OS 10.10.5 or older (note current Mac OS is 11.0.1 ). An easy solution is to install Google Chrome and when asked, make it your default web browser. Here is Google Chrome link

Test the compatibility of their web browser with Shark Bridge at this public bridge table:


You should be seated at a bridge table with a loaded hand; the video/audio connection is on the top right corner. If there are 4 at the table, you can even play a hand.   

If you can see your video feed and can enable/disable your microphone & camera from your hand tray, then your Web Browser is 100% compatible with our bridge table.

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