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Kim Gilman - Going Back and Forth Between Zoom and Your Internet Browser (Shark Bridge)

We strongly encourage you to practice this before your classes start if you have never used Zoom AND another program at the same time.

What is an Internet Browser? 

This is the program, or app on your device which allows you to access the Internet. The most common programs are Chrome and Safari. You should have the symbol for one of these on your home screen or "tray" at the bottom of your desktop. In class, students play bridge hands on "Shark Bridge," which you access through your Internet Browser.


Some players find it easiest to run Zoom on one device, and Shark Bridge on another. For example, you could have Zoom on your iPad and Shark Bridge on your computer. Just make sure you have the volume muted or turned all the way down on your SB device so it doesn't cause feedback to Zoom.

But, you do not need this. You can do it all on one device!​

You start your class in Zoom — easy enough! During class you will receive a link in the Zoom chat. You will simply click on this and your computer will whisk you to your Internet Browser and into Shark Bridge! But later, you might want to go back to Zoom, and then back to your SB classroom again. To return to Zoom, just click on the Zoom icon in your tray, task bar, or home screen.


Ideally, you would be able to see your teacher through a small Zoom window AND Shark Bridge at the same time. For this, the first step is to "minimize" Zoom. (On a Mac, it's the tiny yellow circle at the top left; on Windows, it's the dash at the upper right.) Now your teacher should be just a tiny square on your screen. Then, look at the icons, or symbols, in your Tray or Task Bar at the bottom of your screen, or on your home screen if using a tablet. Click your Internet Browser, and you'll be back in the classroom. To switch from SB back to to Zoom, just click the green arrow in the small Zoom window to make Zoom full-screen again. 

Another way you can go back and forth is:

MacBook or other Apple Device:

To switch back to the application you were using previously:
• Command + tab. Use this over and over to go back and forth.

Windows Computer:

To switch back to the application you were using previously:
• Alt + tab. Use this over and over to go back and forth.

Click this link for a video guide: https://www.thesharkbridgecompany.com/blogs/students-manual/video-tutorial-on-how-to-navigate-between-zoom-and-shark-internet-browser

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