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Beginner and Advanced Beginner Series with Jeff Badler

Beginner and Advanced Beginner Series with Jeff Badler

Beginner Series with Jeff Badler.

 If you have no experience with bridge, take his Beginner 1 course, which consists of 5 weeks of instruction and interactive play for $195. It includes Jeff Bayone’s book,  A Taste of Bridge  and  a free 6-week subscription to bestebridge.com, a wonderful practice site.  Visit our site to view a complete description of the Beginner series.

If you have anywhere from 2 months to 3 years of exposure to bridge, contact him and, in a 10 minute phone call, he will help decide which of his classes will be appropriate for you. Send an email with your phone number and he will call you.  He teaches Beginner 1, 2, 3 & 4. 



Just Beyond Beginner Bridge  This is Jeff’s original course, now entering its 5th series. It takes place every Wednesday at 9:00 AM ET.  A new series will begin Dec 2nd , 2022

The next 6 week series of Just Beyond Beginner Bridge is independent of the 5 prior ones.  For the advanced beginner player, this would be a good time to enter.  We will focus on various bidding techniques beyond what students learn in basic courses..  It can be very frustrating to look at a hand and figure out how to describe your hand or “ask” your partner questions.  Jeff will introduce new topics to bring your bidding to a higher level, and give you plenty practice of the play of the hand techniques you’ve learned.  Included in this course will be strong openings, higher levels Stayman and Jacoby Transfers, and more.  Come see why the majority of students in this course have taken the 5 previous series and keep coming back.


Just Beyond Beginner Bridge…The Original Series This is a course planned to take you from beginner classes and prepare you for duplicate and other competitive bridge games.  In series 1, this 6 week course will cover game forcing auctions vs Standard American, 2 over 1, forcing NT (necessary when you play 2 over 1,) and two lessons introducing you to slam bidding using 1430 Roman Keycard Blackwood.  This will take place every Wednesday from noon – 2:00 PM ET.  Series 2 will begin Dec 2nd Wed noon – 2:00 PM  ET.  The focus will be on alternative game forcing bids to 2 over 1, control and slam bidding.

Just Beyond Beginner Bridge is taught in 6 week increments.  Often a class builds on previous ones.  Don’t worry… if you miss a session, Jeff will provide a good quality recording, the hands and class notes (given in advance) so you will never fall behind. 

The cost of  JBBB courses are $290 or $240 if you have the Club’s Easy Pass.   Use these classes to really solidify your game and with practice, you will a much better player than when you started.  When the 6 week concludes, Jeff will introduce another group of playing and bidding techniques.  


The Whole Megillah

Whole Megillah comes from a Yiddish expression which means the entirety of something, involving a long, complicated story. You’ll be bidding and playing lots of hands every session. You will get to declare every hand. Then each hand will be explained. The course includes lessons on pre-emptive bids, managing entries, hold up plays, utilizing 2 over 1, alternate game forcing bids and slam auctions including Key-Card Blackwood. Always something fun and interesting. Special topics include Unusual 2NT and Michael’s cue bids.

This is one of Jeff’s most popular classes. You will learn new techniques to make you a better declarer, and gain the confidence to get you ready for competitive duplicate bridge.  Many students have found their future bridge partners for competitive bridge games.  This class is intended for those who have completed the Beginner series or equivalent experience.

There are two versions of this class taking place.  On Friday mornings from 9-11 AM ET, Jeff teaches, “The Whole Megillah…From the Beginning.”  The Monday (9-11 AM ET) Whole Megillah sessions are more advanced, as most participants have been attending for at least 18 months. 

For the Whole Megillah classes, you will be billed $40 or $30 if you have the Club’s Easy Pass.

If you never had one of Jeff Badler’s classes, come see why this one has been going continuously for more than 2 years.


Successful Sacrifice Bidding

Jeff will be doing a new 3 lesson mini course to teach how and when to do sacrifice bids, and how to react when the opponents are doing a sacrifice bid over your game contract.  Detailed description may be seen here  This is the 8th mini course by two of Bridge and Games very popular instructors.

This is a 3 lesson mini course packed with information.  Recordings are provided so you don’t have to worry about missing a class.  $180 or $150 with the Club’s Easy Pass program.




Mon 9:00-11:00 AM  Whole Megillah

Tues 9:00 – 11;00 AM  Successful Sacrifice Bidding

Tues noon - 2:00 PM Beginner 4 commencing Oct 18th

Wed 9:00-11:00 AM  Just Beyond Beginner Bridge series 6  (Each series is 6 weeks) commencing Dec 2nd  

Wed noon - 2:00 PM  Just Beyond Beginner Bridge series 2 commencing Dec 2nd.  

Wed 6:30-8:30 PM  Beginner 2 commencing Dec 2nd

Fri   9:00-11:00 AM Whole Megillah

Sat 9:00-11:00 AM  Private weekly class for advanced beginner students

Email jeffbadlerbridge@gmail.com to be on the email list for this class or for advice as which class may be more appropriate for you.