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Wes Powers - ACBL Certified Bridge Director and Teacher

Wes is a very active teacher, who typically teaches between 5-10 different classes each week at several sites, from beginner through advanced levels.

Teaching Philosophy

  • HAVE FUN! He never forgets that Bridge is a GAME. It's supposed to be FUN. If bridge lessons descend into drudgery, they aren't effective.
  • Wes doesn't believe in teaching a lot of conventions and artificial bids. It's more important to be able to THINK and apply the basics to situations that come up. That said, many players are looking to learn new conventions, and he is certainly capable of teaching them effectively.
  • He believes in lots of practice, and his practice sessions don't always use "textbook" deals. He includes "real world" examples, where the proper action isn't always clear.
  • Wes does not shy away from teaching Play of the Hand and Defense. These are more difficult to teach well, and many teachers tend to focus on bidding, because it's easier to teach. But most players would improve most by working on their declarer play and defense.

Contact Wes Powers

My schedule is pretty full, but if you are interested in lessons or director services, please contact me at